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Liquidity Shops

About Liquidity Shops

NFTY Finance uses a new method of lending which are referred to as Liquidity Shops - a customizable lending desk funded in any fungible token, lent out against a specified NFT collection. These liquidity shops can be owned by an individual contributor be it a person, institution, DAO, etc. & are the key aspect of NFTY Finance's lending feature.

Shop Customizations

Below are a list of customizations you can make to your liquidity shop. Such customizations ensure the perfect match between a lender and a borrower.
  • Fund in any ERC-20 token
  • Lend against any NFT Collection
  • Decide appraisal rates
  • Set preferred interest rates
  • Choose between two approval mechanisms - automatic or manual (coming soon)

Shop Functionalities

Once a liquidity shop has been created, lenders are free to manage the parameters in real-time. Additionally, liquidity shop owners have the following functionality to manage their shops
  • Track loan requests
  • Replenish balances
  • Freeze/unfreeze loan issuance
  • Close the shop entirely