Borrowing on NFTY Finance

Gain instant liquidity through borrowing

Opening a Loan Request

Opening a loan on NFTY Finance is a straightforward experience. Select the NFT you'd like to use as collateral and set the desired loan terms, including the loan amount, duration, and interest rate. Once you've reviewed the details, submit your loan request, and watch as our platform matches you with a suitable lender.

NFTY Finance is currently on testnet! Learn how to test out the protocol here.

Step 1: Connect Your Wallet

To begin your journey with NFTY Finance, you'll first need to connect your digital wallet. This seamless process ensures secure transactions and easy management of your NFTs and loans.

Make sure this wallet has the NFT you'd like to loan against & NFTY tokens to pay the loan origination fee. Read more on the loan origination fee here.

Step 2: Choose an NFT Collection

Our Liquidity Shops fund entire NFT collections, making it easier for you to get a loan. Choose the NFT Collection that matches the NFT you'd like to lend against.

Step 3: Choose a Liquidity Shop

Since Liquidity Shops are fully customized, it is easy for you to find one that best suits your needs. Preferences include the duration of the loan and the interest rate on the loan.

Step 4: Request a Loan

Once you have entered the shop, select the NFT you want a loan against. Choose the duration for the loan and the amount you want.

Step 5: Receive Your Loan

Once a loan request is approved, you will instantly receive your funding, while the NFT is sent into escrow until loan maturity.

In the event a loan request is rejected, both the NFT collateral and the associated fees are refunded to the borrower.

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